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I had ordered a Turkish Mocha fragrance oil from Brambleberry and settled in on my recipe:
1/4 Olive Oil
1/4 Coconut Oil
1/4 Palm Oil
1/4 Shea Butter

  • I’d made my coffee a day in advance with distilled water and had it in the refrigerator.
  • I had dried out my coffee grounds to add for an exfoliant.
  • The mold was lined.
  • I had my instructions printed out.
  • I had my safety gear (industrial goggles to protect my eyes from lye splashes; rubber gloves that came up to my arm pits, a vinyl apron to protect my front side).
  • The pets were locked up in the bedroom.  The kid was sent to the basement with Dad.

I had lye and oils and was ready to make soap.  I’d seen so many videos and read enough books by this time that I was prepared for every contingency.  And everything went as planned until I was halfway through pouring the soap into the mold and realized I’d forgotten the coffee grounds.  Well you surely can’t make a Chef Soap without coffee grounds!  So I quickly added the coffee grounds to the remaining half of the batch and continue the pour.  I topped the loaf with gold mica wrapped it in saran wrap and towels and put it into a pre-heated oven to gel overnight.  It was the longest night of my life wondering how it would all turn out.  By morning, the house smelled heaven sent… better than any coffee this house had ever seen and VOILA!Image