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Well, I’m about 30 batches deep now, and have given up on updating on the events of the first month and how this all came to be.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that soaping truly is an obsession for me.  I enjoy formulating recipes and making soap.  I’ve been working on product labeling and reading up on legal requirements for labels.  I’ve bought a domain name for my website, began developing the site and formed a LLC.  True confession, I’ve burnt out one stick blender and spent money like water on soaping supplies.  I have at least a dozen fragrances waiting to be used with more on the way. I’ve gone through 15 lbs of coconut oil alone.  I check in on the Soaping101 closed bulletin board on Facebook with more interest than my regular email and could care less what’s going in on the news.  I am truly in awe of the generosity of experienced soap makers out there who are willing to share their expertise.  My appreciation goes out to Cathy McGinnis with Soaping 101 and the many artisans who have posted their soap making demonstration videos on YouTube.

At this point, I have more soap than friends to give it away to, so I have no choice but to start selling this stuff.  I’m very excited about a soap swap with other soapmakers organized through Brambleberry.  I’ll be submitting 12 bars of my soap and receiving back 12 bars from other individuals.  How fun!

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be figuring out the whole online store integration for my website with intention of selling soaps on Etsy and my own website.  It would be great to also find local retailers for the soaps, but I have to prioritize.


This is my submission for Brambleberry.


This is a Vegan soap recipe, made with real avocado, coconut milk and spearmint fragrance oil.


And here’s my Vegan carrot soap made with carrot juice and carrot puree.  Just a few of my recent projects. Next week I’ll be making a banana coconut soap with real banana and a Tomato Soap with pureed tomatoes.