Well, clearly I’ve been neglecting my blog lately.  I’m getting geared up for the Craftapalooza show this weekend at Century II in Wichita.  Today I’m Mod Podging shelf liners for my display.  I’ll be taking about 30 different soaps to the show along with new lotions, bath fizzies, bath tea, salts and body butter.


I bought my husband a table saw for Father’s Day.  Little did he know that I would be putting him to work making molds and soaping tools for me.  I participate in the Soaping 101 Study Hall chat board on Facebook.  Every month or so, they hold a garage sale online.  A couple of weeks ago, we posted dividers for my favorite mold to make fancy Mantra and Taiwan swirls which are typically done with cardboard.  The crowd went wild.  We sold 18 sets in one day and now with the new Soaping 101 Tutorial this week, orders are pouring in again.

To see some of my hubby’s handywork, you’ll have to watch the video