Well, I’m determined to do something productive with my day for the soaping community. There’s been a lot of discussion lately on how to make, or where to get a Bath Bomb Press. We have made these in the past, but honestly, we’re on to other things now. So, I wanted to take a few minutes to give some easy instructions on how to make your own: cheap, easy and local. You might have noticed that I prefer to use the term Bath Fizzy. Since the Boston Marathon bombing last year, it just seems more politically correct to avoid inflammatory language.

In this picture, you will see four items. On the left are two pieces connected. One is a 2″ PVC pipe cut into a 4″ piece. This is fit into a 2″ plumbing flange of some sort to stabilize the base. In the middle is a silicone Ball Canning Funnel which can be found at your local Wal Mart. On the right is a 2″ dowel rod, cut into a 6″ long piece. I bought mine at Menards. If you don’t find these items in your local stores, everything can be bought on Amazon these days.


If you attach the canning funnel to the pipe contraption, then you can cleanly pour your fizzy powder into the tube. Then use the 2″ dowel rod to tamp the powder down to a nice tight puck. As you push down on the dowel, GENTLY raise and twist your tube contraption. Of course, you’ll want to do all of this on a piece of freezer or wax paper laid on a baking sheet to catch your crumbs. If one falls apart, simply dump that powder back into the mix and tamp it down again.


Let me be the first to admit, I don’t sell a lot of bath bombs in this area. My son and family likes them, but I don’t make them very often. So, I’m not expert on recipes. But, here’s what your pucks might look like…


Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope this entry has given you some ideas for how to make a easy fizzy press that will really give you good compression on your bath fizzies.