Funny story… only my soap peeps would understand. I was at Sam’s Club this morning, because I needed OO, of course. My phone starts dinging over, and over, and over. Ten times. It’s alerts from Fed Ex for packages delivered. I can’t imagine what it would be… I hadn’t ordered THAT much. I’m feeling a little giddy… like a kid at Christmas… as I drive home. I get here and there are ten boxes, 8′ long each. WTF? Pardon my French. Oh… I know before I open the first box. I had ordered ten 6′ long steel rods to make hanger tools. I finally found a bargain at $3.47 on Amazon Prime, shipping included. So, a $35 order generates ten boxes each with a heavy duty cardboard tube inside that presumably contains ONE steel rod. I can’t figure out how to open the cardboard tube. My hubby might have to use the table saw, I guess. Not sure what Amazon was thinking or how they made any profit on this transaction, but I’ve got cardboard if anyone needs more cardboard… call me. I’ll hook you up.